Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach for Small Businesses

Introduce high-performance leadership coaching to your company and see the dynamic impact on results.

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Are you dissatisfied with growth, productivity and performance?

For the last 10 years I’ve been working with small business leaders to provide structure, advice and strategy. I’ve helped them become more focused, driven and able to lead more effectively.

I have first-hand experience of the challenges facing leaders through my 20 years spent working as CEO and senior management for large community organisations.

You may be experiencing issues with relationships between staff and teams, a lack of cohesion around priorities and goals or ineffective decision-making. I’ll uncover the specific weak spots within your company through an in-depth Strategic Performance Review. I’ll deliver on my recommendations for change and implement a bespoke programme of leadership coaching within your company.

I work closely with you and your leaders to introduce a robust management structure and define specific goals. Working together, I’ll give you the confidence and motivation to overcome difficulties, reach your leadership potential and achieve success.

Following a programme of leadership coaching you'll notice improved performance at all levels of your company. Your business will run more effectively, staff will be more motivated, more productive and united behind the common goal.

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