Strategy, Coaching and Training Courses for Management

I will identify the areas which are holding your organisation back and deliver an action plan for change.

Build on your strengths.

Whether you want to get from good to great or from failing to satisfactory, it’s all about targeted improvement. The Strategic Performance Review is the starting point of any new client relationship. This enables me to swiftly identify the weaker points within your organisation and make incisive recommendations for change.

I conduct an in-depth analysis and deliver a bespoke report of my findings and recommendations. This involves meeting with key individuals within your organisation to get a broader perspective of the issues raised.

Is your Chief Executive’s style of leadership failing to reap results? Is their delegation weak? Are their communication skills poor, or is there insufficient planning? The challenges may be more personal, such as assertiveness or confidence.

Whatever your needs are, I can help. Following the Strategic Review I deliver my recommendations for change. These recommendations may include: changes to your management structure, high-performance leadership coaching for one or more individuals or group management training for one or more teams.

I will support you in the implementation of these recommendations, setting your organisation on the path to success.

The challenges within your organisation will always be found within one or more of the following categories:

Is the leadership structure of your organisation clear for everyone to understand? Do staff know who to turn to for support?
Are staff members fulfilling their roles and being well supported to succeed?
Do staff fully understand their duties and are they being monitored to fulfill them?
Do staff take pride in their work and that of the organisation? Is success shared amongst many?
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